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Oct 15th, 2021

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If you have a company or website and want to grow your presence on social networks and search engines, an efficient though not very ethical thing to do is to create different profiles on social networks, forums, and blogs, and use them to generate traffic on your site. The bad thing about this process is that if you are the only one doing it, it can be hard and tedious work.

BuzzBundle is an application that lets you create an unlimited number of profiles, entering basic information just once. The app then creates multiple accounts in different social networks, blogs, and forums that you choose. You can even enter an email for them, so when a website requires validating the account with one, the application can do it automatically.

Once you create the profiles, you can jump between them really easily by using the upper tab, and publish messages on the social networks that you choose. You can retweet, send private messages, add images, and create all types of posts without leaving the application.

You can also add keywords that relate to your website to connect with mentions and other related posts on the web. Without a doubt, it's a great way to make yourself noticed on the Internet without having to create accounts and log in and out over and over again.

Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Rodrigo Bustamante

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Oct 15th, 2021
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